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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July

It's the 4th of July, Independence Day, commemorating this day in 1776 when our ancestors won freedom from Great Britain and we became independent and different from any other nation in history. We had/have a Constitution that guarantees our rights and freedoms. Here a person can rise as far in life as their ability and hard work allow - not by caste or class, but by merit.

There are forces today that want to end this great way of life. It hurts my deepest being. I love our freedoms. I love this nation.

There are people today who are held captive by group think, people whose critical thinking skills are not developed. They are not free in the way they can be. There are groups within this group whose group think involves everything from sanctioned rudeness to sanctioned violence. There are groups within this group who think everyone must think alike, like them, or they are evil. They are held captive by irrational emotion, by the lower brain, by being part of this group and so they think they belong  to something greater. They do not think out the consequences of what would happen if their screams were implemented. For me, it is bizarre to watch, but more so it is frightening.

In my estimation, we must be careful or we could lose our precious freedoms - freedoms thought to be God given by our founders. If the unthinking, wild and violent, mean and rude take the day, it will be the demise of something wonderful, remarkable, unique and magnificent.

Let us pray for a great awakening across this land. There is a solution for every problem. Let us open ourselves to find the solution/s and save our freedoms.

Lord of all, guide us through these perilous times. Inspire us with ideas that can protect our freedoms and also heal the crazed mobs. We know there is a way. Show us The Way.

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