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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Kindness To All

One of the solutions to many of our problems, personally and culturally, is to decide simply to be kind - no excuses, no loopholes, flat out kind to oneself and to everyone and everything.

In support of this decision we need to carefully monitor what we allow into our subconscious minds. Our subconscious reasons deductively - e.g. it works with whatever is within it without searching for other things. This is unlike our conscious mind which can reason inductively - e.g. it can look for missing pieces outside, such as "This doesn't make sense. What am I missing?"

So, if we spend hours a day engaged in violent games, violent films, violent music, and/or violent books, our subconscious begins to normalize violence. It does not question it. It does not search out other ways. It only works with what is in it.

To actually pledge to kindness, then, we need to feed our subconscious kind examples and thoughts. We need to engage in positive activities.

We can nurture the kindness life by visualizing kindness, imagining it brilliantly colored, imagine it filling us with a warm and sweet energy. We can seek opportunities to be kind to others. We can be aware of ourselves, pulling in away from violence and going forth into kindness.

What sort of a difference do we really want to make with our lives? How do we want to be remembered? How do we want to be standing before God? Will we be calm and loving, kind and good? Far too many people are going the opposite way right now. Let's turn that around, back in the direction of kindness.

God be with you.

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