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Saturday, December 8, 2018


We're watching one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, the original "Miracle On 34th Street." They are deciding if Kris Kringle is crazy saying, Maybe he's just a little crazy like artists or composers or those guys in Washington. 😇  Some things seem to stay the same.

We've also watched some sweet Hallmark movies. They totally redefine Christmas, making it about lighting the town tree and falling in love. 💞

I enjoy these, but actual spiritual meaning is ignored or maybe even lost. For me the deep, mystical and personal meaning is what stirs my heart.

I consider Meister Eckhart one of my teachers, traveling through the ages to us via his writings (from the 13 and 14th centuries). He said that it didn't much matter if Christ was born to Mary 1300 years ago if he is not born today in my heart. He talked also about the seed of God being in us. Thomas Kelly (in the 20th century) talked about the seed of Christ in us. Thomas a Kempis (in the 14 and 15th century) talked about us imitating Christ.

So my thought turns to our personal Christmas experience, or lack of it.

I like the thought of the Christ child being born in the cradle of our hearts. The child leads us to the Presence of God, to a life of service and compassion, to fulfilling our purpose and being the difference we are called to be.

Let us turn out attention inward to that birth so that our Christ-light can truly shine out into this world 🌎.

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