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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Soul Sight

As Walt Whitman expressed, we have a soul sight that is aware of the Divine Clue where we know the connectedness, the unity, the oneness of everything from the seeming!y insignificant to the most grand.

I've been mulling over the glorious idea of a Divine Clue, life as a mystery to discipher. I also thought about an acquaintance of mine, Michael Talbot who wrote a book that fascinated me, "The Holographic Universe." As a kind of hologram, each speck contains the whole.

So I might say that the experience of the Divine that we seek has left us clues strung all over. To decode the clues, we must use soul sight. We must step outside of the limitations of our senses into a place Jesus described as having eyes to see and ears to hear.

I recall some of my early meditation experiences where we were led to just be with some God -created object such as a flower or sea shell. Opening to soul sight through the portal of stillness, the object became teacher, even preacher. As part of the All, each speck has a clue to offer.

There is a spiritual hunger wide spread across this planet. Let us be alert to the Clues that lead us to be spiritually fed.

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