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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Buttons or Freedom

Once upon a time, when I was active as a clergywoman, I spoke to people about having a "buttonectomy." It occurred to me that if, say, you could push my button, I should thank you for bringing to my attention I had a button or buttons that needed removal.

As long as we have one or more buttons, we are subject to the control of others, maybe even puppets whose strings someone pulls and thereby they have control of us at various levels. They then may control our emotions, our choices and therefore some of our future. I don't want to be controlled by others. I want to be free and in harmony with The More, The Deep, The Divine. I want to be the best me I can be. I imagine you do too. It is exhausting to give over our peace of mind to whoever pushes a button we attached to ourselves along the way.

In order to remove our buttons, several things need to occur. We need to decide to give up all hints of victimhood. This may take time, a process. It's difficult to quit being a victim cold turkey, although it is theoretically possible. Woe is me, poor me, etc. simply have to go.

Sometimes people give control to what I've often called "the psychic Mafia." "They" did it to me. Some amorphous cloud of unnamed beings or social controls hover over some lives. These unnamed beings take control -- "What would they think? We need to fire "them."

We need to own our power. We are human beings, in a position to be in tune with the Infinite, and we are in Truth powerful. We are Spirit breathed beings. We need no power over others, but we need power over our own selves.

We can create an amazing life once we remove the buttons that detour us time and time again. One day, when we leave this life, we are going to be asked if we learned how to love and if we completed our purpose for this life. Excuses and blame will not suffice.

I see so many people who are, or pretend to be, so incredibly sensitive that even people with a different point of view throw them into a tizzy. The term I often hear is "snowflake." They appear to melt over the tiniest word or action of other people. They are covered all over with buttons. This is a miserable way to live. So many with this condition give me pause to wonder what kind of a future can humanity have with snowflakes instead of vibrant pioneers and seekers of Truth? We need the hardy, the courageous, the sincere, the visionaries, the compassionate, those that quest for Truth. I hope and pray that you are one of these hardy ones. You are needed.

 This very day is my day to look fearlessly in the mirror of my life. Do I have buttons needing removal? Am I a snowflake in any area? Am I a hardy leader that moves with freedom and compassion?

Lord lead me to be the whole and holy one You created. Guide me as I pledge to remove buttons and take back my full life. Lead me to live fully and joyously on this incredible planet.

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