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Saturday, January 12, 2019


Opportunity is everywhere, everywhere! Even now, I'm sick with chest, sinus, tiredness, fever, etc. I've finished my antibiotic course, but I'm not anywhere near up to par.

This has given me the opportunity to read a lot, watch television, watch YouTube and nap. I went outside yesterday for the first time in over a week, but I probably won't go out today as it is cold and rainy.

The reading is mostly spiritual. A book by a Quaker mystic, Rufus Jones; "The Meaning of the Bible" by a couple of professors; a book on blood sugar skimmed; a couple of books on the possibility of reincarnation by researchers; assorted articles online and a bit here and there.

This downtime gave me the gift of just exploring widely and leisurely.

Every moment holds at least one gift, one opportunity up to us. No matter what seems to be happening around us, The More is present. I'm going to strive to be more awake to The More this year, receiving the invitations to opportunity and going with them. Let the adventure expand.

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