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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

May 2019 Be A Meaningful Year

It seems to me that happiness is a byproduct of engaging in meaningful activities. There is quite a bit of research indicating that many psychological and some physical maladies are ameliorated by doing meaningful things.

At the same time, much of modern life is exemplified by the meaningless - great interest in celebrities, consumerism, keeping busy with computer games, staring into cell phones and other electronic devices, consuming mind altering substances from alcohol to pot to hard drugs, watching violent and hyper-sexual movies and television shows, etc.

I was imaging this morning what a meaningful world it could be. Imagine if all the time and energy spent on the above list were spent instead on solving big issues such as violence in all of its forms including wars, homelessness, poverty, starvation and various diseases. I imagine the solutions are possible.

Let's make it our decision/resolution to cease at least most of our meaningless time wasters and turn instead to solving problems. Pick one, say homelessness. What can be done to end it? Who do we need to gather together to brainstorm? What steps can we take? etc.

May we all contribute to making this year a meaningful year for us and for all of our fellow humans, and all life on this planet.

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