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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Catherine of Sienna and Today

Her earthly years were short, 1347-1380. Her voice speaks to us today via her writings. She spoke fearlessly into the immense corruption of the church of her day. She had an intense passion for Christ and for the church to become Christlike.

That passion is felt by many of us nowadays. There is seemingly quite a bit of funny business going on in high places of church and government.

I feel the call echoing down the halls of time to do what Thomas a Kempis wrote, imitate Christ.

If an idea or action does not align with what we know Jesus taught and lived, jettison it. Shift to live as closely as possible to a Christ-like life.

Do you hold anger? Forgive and love. Do you see some as outcasts to be ignored or punished? Love them as you love yourself. Do you disagree with someone? Listen respectfully and debate calmly. Do you see corruption? Speak up. Pare away that which is not of Christ.

If we all did this, we would be close to utopia. The Kingdom of Heaven could be experienced here and now.

It may not be likely, but it is possible.

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