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Monday, April 1, 2019

Extremes vs Balance

In the early middle ages and the middle ages, some little educated and unsophisticated groups found earlier mystical writings and carried them to extremes that led to very unspiritual places. They latched onto the idea that God being all made them equal to God, once they arrived at some level or the other. So they no longer had to live under the law. Spirit, they said, told them they could do whatever came to them, and they were personally led by the Holy Spirit. There was reported to be a lot of sex involved. People seem to be eternally gullible.

I agree that God is everywhere, not stuck in a body high above the clouds. That does not make me God, it makes me able to attune my life with God. I also believe that actually living in harmony with God means moral, kind, loving, generous behavior. It means paying attention to the consensus of what are the right and correct behaviors. It means studying holy writings and contemplating them for guidance.

Being a Christian of mystical persuasion, I also know I don't have to reinvent the wheel. Others have walked where I walk, others whose understandings have had the test of time. I can find Guidance in scriptures, with writings of spiritual greats, with contemporary thinkers and in my meditations.

Balance is an important position to maintain. I often think of Aristotle's Golden Mean - neither too far to the left nor too far to the right.

If we start getting carried away on a tangent, let's restore our balance. If we are over the top emotional about something or other, that's our lower brain and not our higher reasoning. If we launch a crusade, beware of being a bit tilted.

My aim is to be calm/at peace, centered, focused, not attached, and yet passionate about life and God in a deep and profound way.

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