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Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Our pastor is taking a renewal leave for May and June. I am blessed to be asked to give three of the sermons. For me, the preparation begins with inspirations. I jot down bits of ideas, read spiritual books, look for scriptures, pray, contemplate and, as if on its own, a sermon is born. Then I create a PowerPoint and a handout. By the time it is time to speak, the ideas are dancing inside as old friends and are ready to burst forth.

I only share genuine ideas that come from not only the recent preparation, but also come from a lifetime of spiritual study, prayer, contemplation and writing. I only share what I know to be true, at least at my current level of understanding. I know understanding is fluid and unfolding, never static.

In writing this blog and my books, I also use similar preparation. I write from my deepest understanding. I am not swayed by outside judgments. What I write is authentically from my years of spiritual experiences and study. I never say or write something I consider false.

It is exciting to me to begin the adventure of birthing three sermons. I wonder what surprising ideas will unfold, what new ways to look at things will pop up, where God will lead me this time. I set my mind and heart upon this road. Let it begin.

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