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Monday, November 25, 2019

Is Peace Possible?

My heart aches for this question. Contrary to my prayers, violence, anger, control dramas, hatred, judgmentalism, ugliness, etc are alive and well - even among those who claim to be working for peace and justice. I  have observed that many people think that by using these negatives they can control others and get what they want, but it doesn't work that way. The means and the end are together.

I have long known that we can only create what we are. Anyone with hate in their heart cannot truly love. Anyone with anger in their heart cannot produce peace. etc. etc. etc.

To turn the ugliness around that we see in this world, we really have to look in the mirror. We need to ask ourselves questions such as: what in me needs to be healed; how do I root out that which does not reflect my Christ nature; how can I bring peace, if I am not living, breathing, walking peace? How can I become what I know is my highest self?

I am sure we have to be the change we say we want to happen.

To get there, each of us needs to take responsibility for who and what we are. We need to do the interior work that leads us out of the maze of darkness. We need to clear the energies springing forth from us.

We need to attune ourselves to the pure Spirit of the Most High, welcoming It fully into every moment of every day of the rest of our lives here in earth.

Then we can be the peace.

Dear and Precious Lord, show me what needs to be healed in me and realigned with You. Grant me the courage and wisdom to face my dark corners and welcome Your healing Light in. I wish to be ever more like You and walk with You ever more fully. I wish for peace on earth, therefore I wish to be that peace. Lead me there. Lead us all there.

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