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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Pointing to the Moon

This morning I have been contemplating the old adage that the finger pointing to the moon is not the moon. At first glance, this is incredibly obvious. Yet, in some ways it is not.

For example, various religions have scriptures and
rituals that are aimed at the spiritual moon, so to speak. Their purpose is to guide us to our own spiritual awakening. They tell us what has and has not worked for others over history. The nudge our conscience, they stir our souls, they both trouble us and inspire us, and they teach us.

They, themselves, are only pointing and are not that for which our souls long. However, a large number of people look to that which points rather than to what it is pointing. Idolatry happens. The scriptures and rituals are worshipped. They are taken literally, robbing the deep truths they are meant to convey.

I believe and know that we are each called by something magnificently More to awaken and to live as awakened beings. We are to be love and compassion. We are called to join hands and hearts as one family. I believe all of our scriptures and rituals point to these things, some point elegantly and some crudely, but they point to the same spiritual vision.

Look at your own tradition and ask yourself - to what does it point? Take your eye off of the finger pointing and shift focus to the Infinite More to which it points.

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