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Monday, November 18, 2019

The Message

Yesterday morning I randomly opened my Message translation of the Bible. I opened to Paul's first letter, I Thessalonians, to the verse that said You are the message. In fact it was presaged by We don't even have to say anything anymore - you're the message.

It struck me so fully that it has been constantly on my mind ever since. I thought of Gandhi saying that if you wanted to know what he believed, just watch how he lived his life. I thought of my challenge to myself to be as congruent as possible, the same person no matter where I might be or with whom I might be. I thought of Celtic Christianity saying you could find God in the scriptures and in nature. That led me to think of everything, every being, every tree, everything, being a message, all connected to The Creator, all bringing a message.

Sure, some messages are garbled by unhealed messengers, but then that is a message too. There are warning messages and lifting messages. There are all kinds of messages.

So, I stood outside of church yesterday in its gorgeous garden-like setting, contemplating a tree, with beautiful music floating out of the sanctuary. I was outside as our tables were set up with a variety of handmade items for our annual Prayers and Squares fund raising boutique.

One particular tree caught my attention. It stood there with its' newly trimmed leaves forming an almost perfect upside down bowl, but its' branches, trunk and roots were unique in their twists and turns. They showed me a dance of twistings and turnings. It was beautiful.

I think of people. No matter how perfect we may be dressed and coifed, under it all are many twists and turns of life. Some were painful, some delightful surprises. None of us have walked a straight and perfect life. Those moments come together to form the me of this now moment. The totality of who I am is a message and so are the zillions of experiences that come with me to this moment.

Wherever we are, it is not permanent. If we objectively look at what we teach by how we live our lives, and see that it is less than our potential, we can change. We can choose healing to become more fully engaged in living the message of a child of God, a message of compassion, of unconditional love, of cherishing and blessing. We can set free the imprisoned splendor within so that It might be the message of our life.

This day I look honestly at my life, and ask for Guidance and Insight that lead me to live Your Message, God. In my observing, help keep me from discouragement, grant me courage. Let Your Light shine through me so that You and all that You are is what my message adds up to be. Wash away the darkness. Lift me from earlier turmoils. Clear my lens. I am thankful, for I know You hear my prayer and my sincerity. You know my heart.

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