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Monday, January 25, 2021

A Buddhist Kind of Day

I was just reading a very interesting thought about on-going death and rebirth. It's a tale about impermanence, therefore never stuckness.

Think of something that you experienced yesterday. It has passed away, never to be again. That moment, those people, who you were in that moment are not present in this moment. They exist only in a memory and interpretation of them. If you were foolish, that doesn't exist here and now. If you were afraid, you're all right right now. Moment by moment, all things pass away. New moments come to be lived freshly.

Life is a fluid movement, flowing ever forward. Change is constant.  The flowers in your garden appear and disappear. The tree grows and roots reach out and leaves fall and return as new leaves. How do we label something that never stays the same?

As we learn to relax into the flow, we are lifted out of our ego bubble into a closer relationship with Reality.  We can just be present in this magical one time event, this now, then this now, on and on, now after now.

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