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Monday, January 18, 2021

The Label Trap

Language has its strange side. In English we call the thing in front of me a table. The same thing has other words to label it in other languages. The strange thing is that, once labelled, we rarely pay any particular attention to it, especially to a person to whom we have attached a label.

This person is odd and so dismissed. This person is from another political persuasion or religion and so to be ignored or maybe attacked. This person is .... And on and on we go.

BUT, all people are complicated, many things, with many sides. This person you just labeled something, so you could dismiss them from your attention and maybe your life, is a million other things too. This person is a parent, a child, a spouse, an employee or employer, a friend to some, someone walking through pain and trying to understand, etc. This person is a spiritual being having a human experience just like you, a spiritual sibling on this trek through life here on earth, and quite possibly your teacher.

Once we take off monochromatic labels, we can see the rainbow of that person, the many facets, the sorrows and the joys of being them. Our compassionate heart opens, and we enter a more profound spiritual life. So many spiritual greats tell us compassion is a sign of a spiritually awakening person. 

Today, let it be a great label removing day.

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