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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

An Insight From the Past

One who reads the words of prayer with great devotion may come to see the lights within the letters.  --- Hasidic teaching

To me, this has also been the outcome of the Christian practice of lectio divina, divine reading.

Skimming the surface of any great thought may give a glib understanding, but not the full robust and meaningful idea intended. It is there to be mined, to delve into, to roll over and over in our minds. There are layers and layers of meaning in the great writings of all traditions.

I also suggest it is not very useful to take someone else's understanding of anything of any consequence without deep contemplation of one's own. Peel back the layers of meaning on your own to reach the layer that speaks to you at this moment in time. 

It takes more time to genuinely go on a spiritual quest, but it is so rewarding and exciting. Many partially slumber through this life, skimming the surface, taking the easy way, and missing the gems, the truly good bits.

I encourage you to practice by mining the meanings in the quote at the top of today's writing. Then go on to other great words. Be a spiritual explorer.

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