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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Lessons From My Granddaughter

We went each Halloween to a very elaborate maze. We were together at this time as it was also our granddaughter's birthday time. She had the most amazing spatial awareness. She would walk through the maze once and then run through it easily. One year, when she was 7 or 8, after I was done with the maze and sitting down, she wanted to go through it again. She came out with big eyes, saying There are some women in there crying. They can't find their way out. Can I go back and lead them out? She went to them saying, Follow me, I know the way.  The women came out amazed and praised her and thanked her over and over. One came up to me an hour later, and was still so thankful and incredulous such a small girl could do that.

This morning I awoke with this memory vivid on my mind, and a clear analogy. 

Jesus said Follow me, I know the way. He taught the way to live a spiritual life, the way to know God. People were astounded that a carpenter from the little village of Nazareth would know the way. It was so important that his teachings were even called The Way, and his followers were members of The Way long before the name became Christianity.

In this moment, in this second, I turn to follow The Way of The One who knew The Way. I cease flinging around after empty choices, using my life energy for naught. There is One who knew and taught and walked The Way. From this moment on, I will do my best to put my foot upon that path and follow. I pledge this in a solemn yet joyous oath, and seal it with the ancient seal of faith and integrity, Amen, Amen and Amen

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