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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Responsibility - Doing All I Can

I've been thinking about miracles, prayer & my part in life. What I have come to understand, as of now, is that I am supposed to do all that I can, which includes prayer, & beyond that there IS Divine intervention that can either be an answer to prayer or can come seemingly on its own. This is based on my life experiences plus my studies. I have witnessed & been part of what I consider to be miracles, & I have experienced being/doing more than I thought was possible for me.

The "all I can" part is bigger than I had first realized, when I began my journey. Clues are in abundance in the Bible & other holy writings. A few include: We are created in the image of God; Jesus told us we would do greater things than he did; Jesus told us the kingdom of God is within; Jesus told us that where 2 or more are gathered & ask in his name, it shall be done; Jesus told us that we are brothers/sisters of the same Father; & many, many more. Just look for them.

I want to briefly discuss the ones listed above. First of all, if we are created in the image of God, it is not physical. We are told God is Spirit & we must worship Him in spirit. That leads me to conclude that our spirits are of the essence of God. The innermost part of us is holy, & we must try to heal ourselves to reveal what is already inside of us. It seems to me that healing is easier than acquiring. That is, if the Spirit of God is within me, then finding it is easier than searching the universes for some outside God.

That we would do greater things than Jesus is quite an astounding statement. As the body of humanity, we have done some scientific & technological things that are way beyond 2,000+ years ago. That of course is impressive. But I think that was not what Jesus was talking about. I think he was telling us that we could awaken to our true spiritual nature & relationship with God just as he did & even go farther in spirituality. His life was about the spiritual, not about physical invention & technology. Over the past 2,000+ years, we have seen some very enlightened people, but so far, I do not know of any that reached the level of awareness of Jesus. So, his statement becomes something of a challenge -- Did he mean what he said? Can we do it? What would it take for us to do greater things? Do we care enough to try? It seems to me that these questions would be worthy of contemplation & consideration.

The idea that energy increases when we agree upon a thing has been & is being proven scientifically. Some even say the energy increases at a geometric rate when people focus together. Laboratories are studying this. Folklore talks about it, such as the 100th monkey idea. Prayer groups give anecdotal evidence. So, I wonder what is stopping us from working together in groups for God's highest good in our lives & on our planet?

If Jesus & the Bible are right in saying that God is our Father, & with Jesus as our brother, what is there to stop us from great goodness? I guess it might be our actual acceptance of this as reality & not just as nice words. What would our lives be like if we actually lived in this Truth?

Dear Father God, You are everywhere, so I know You are here in my life in this very moment, this holy moment. I ask for Your help & guidance to lead me to know who I truly am in Your sight. I ask for Your help & guidance to be & do all I can with my life in service to You & Your highest plan for my life. Open my eyes, open my heart, set free my spirit that is in Your image. Show me the way, for at this very moment I do not know, but am comforted in the realization that You know the way & will show it to me as You lead me ever forward in this journey of my life. Thank You, God, for hearing my prayer & are even now in process of answering it. I let go & welcome Your full working in my life now & always. Thy will be done. Amen, Amen & Amen

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