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Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is the last day of 2009! When I was a little girl, the 21st century seemed as far away as Flash Gordon. 2010 seemed unimaginable. And here it is. Can you believe it?

What a far different world it is at so many levels than it was in 1940. From there to here is a sort of major jet lag. If anyone could have suggested what 2010 would be like, what technology we would have, what the culture would be like, what the world would be like it would have been far-fetched science fiction to us. And here it is.

I wonder what the next decades will hold in store & what impact each of us can have on making the future a good place. I suppose if a future person could come to us today, our future would also seem like science fiction. Things both dreamed & undreamed of today will be commonplace there.

As we bravely move into another new decade, let us take with us dreams & prayers & actions for goodness, faith, hope, joy, love, peace & all things of God. Let us have the courage to live our values & be true to the highest & best in us. Let us be beacons of love & light. Let's be the positive difference we want to see happen. Let's make it so that the visitor from the future speaks to us of a new world of peace & plenty for all, of a God-centered shift in hearts, words & deeds. If we don't try, there is no way we can arrive in the future we desire. I believe God calls us from deep within our souls. The question is really, will we listen & will we act on the loving whispers?

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