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Monday, December 27, 2010


Health is a bottom line kind of thing. Without it, other things pale by comparison, except the spiritual which becomes more important.

Tagging on to the pruning idea before this entry is the idea that maybe when health dips, there is a pruning going on. Maybe so we will focus on the spiritual, health challenges us.

I'm having an odd sort of health thing. I awoke with numb feet & lower legs plus the feeling of electrical charges in my arms & hands & a bit on my cheeks & tongue. So far there has been no answer as to why.

So, I'm thinking, as I go through tests & questions, what value could this irritating & painful experience have? What comes to mind is to slow me down from my usual busy life so I have to focus even more on my spiritual life. Or it is my body reacting to the traumas of 2010 & complaining about them. Or I'm supposed to keep on keeping on the best I can, not allowing my physicalness to stand in the way of my life. I so far have not been able to think of more possibilities. I imagine more are on their way to my mind though.

Interesting thoughts come  --- I need my hands! Sure I need my feet, but I NEED my hands. My life revolves so much around my hands -- typing, quilting, other sewing, painting & drawing, cooking, hugging, holding books, driving, holding hands, holding the chalice on Sundays, & on & on. This electrical pain has to stop; I NEED my hands!!!

So, I am left to contemplate the messages both physically & spiritually. I know the answers will come, maybe not in the quick way I want, but come they will. At that point I will deal with the answers in the best way I can.

Lord, You have always been with me through the valleys & mountain peaks of this life. I know You never leave me. I ask You to show me what I need to see/know & lead my body to healing as only You can heal. I rest in Your healing arms. In faith I seal this with Amen, Amen, & Amen

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