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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Turn In the Road of Life

As 2012 warms itself up, I feel the tinglings of newness in my very soul too.

So much grief, so many challenges, so many obstacles were navigated in 2011. Into the winding path, some sparkling goodness fell too. It was not all a downer. For that matter, in all things there is at least some good, and in the midst of the struggle of mountain climbing through life there are still rainbows and flowers.

It's fun to think of this being the year of the dragon in Chinese mythology, but beyond the fun of myth, there is actual life. It is always the year of God. It is always the year pregnant and bursting with opportunities for all sorts of things from spiritual growth to prosperity to new ideas, etc.

My usually good intuition tells me that some very amazing goodness is on the edge, ready to fall into my life. 2012's surprises will fall more on the side of Light than of darkness. I really do feel it in my bones. I also feel a sense of relief. There are those years that are almost more than one can bear. I've had several of those years, including last year. In the dance of life, in the swinging pendulum, a turn toward the good has happened.

I eagerly watch to see the good God has prepared for me this year -- and for you too. Thank You, God, for this new year and new Light. With open arms, I await.

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