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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Quilting and Life Continuing

It was a challenging week what with trying to recover from the extreme allergic reaction and still trying to live my life. I'm still shaky and not back to full steam, but I managed to do some of the things that were important to me this week.

We had Jill Schumacher as our quilt teacher guest this month. I took both days of her classes because I wanted to learn how to quilt better. I did learn a lot and am thankful I made it through the two days. But then I was really wiped out.

This week I need to focus on preparations for our annual quiet day. Our theme this year is, "Grace, The Divine Feminine." So far the RSVP list is short. Hope and pray it grows by leaps and bounds this week. We have a fantastic day planned.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me the strength to make it through this week.
I ask to be restored to my full health and energy.
Guide me as I prepare for our quiet day next Saturday.
Inspire all of the presenters.
Bring lots of attendees.
May it be a success at all levels.

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