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Friday, March 13, 2015

It's A Good Morning to Wake Up

The Indian Mystic in the 15th century, Kabir, once said: "Why not wake up this morning, you have slept for millions and millions of years."

Yes, why not wake up. Shake off the busyness of our plans, our day, our minds and wake up.

Shake off our excuses and wake up.

Shake off our fears and wake up.

Shake off the looming disasters and wake up.

Shake off that which weighs us down and walk into the Light. Why not.

If you know life to be eternal, then you know this goes all directions - before this life and after this life. Because we are still here dealing with stuff, we know we've not fully awakened yet. Maybe he's right, maybe it has been millions and millions of years we've been putting off waking up.

Stop doing things that keep the trance going. You really do know what they are.

Ask yourself what it would take to awaken. Listen. Notice. Be aware. Walk consciously. Trust the guidance.

Have courage. Fear not for I am with you.

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