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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Climate Is Changing Henny Penny

It must be "1984" with "Stop Think" in full bloom. One day alarm over something or other and the next alarm over the exact opposite.

Not so long ago all the news was we were entering a new ice age, then more recently global warming and now just climate change -- and in all cases it is the fault of humans. I'm not sure why it is always our fault. Is there some power to be had over guilty people? Are we so arrogant that we think we can change earth's weather, when in fact it has been constantly changing since the very beginning of its existence?

Yesterday I read an article about a 139,000 square mile lake in the Sahara. 1,000 years ago it evaporated in only 100 years to be reduced to 137 square miles. It had been the largest fresh water lake in the world. Now the dust blows across the ocean and fertilizes the Amazon Rain Forest. Interesting.

In Kansas there used to be a large ocean. Thousands of animals have become extinct, as evidenced by archaeologist's findings of bones, etc. I wonder why the alarmist reporters have not taken the time to study the history of our planet. Change is it's middle name and also for all who come here.

Once we were a 1 cell creation, which divided and divided until we became babies. The baby became a toddler, etc. Change, Change, Change. All we know and see is change. We DID NOT create the earth and its rules.

I suggest instead of wasting time and money on pretending to address an imaginary problem, we would do well to address real problems made by humans and therefore subject to fixing. Let's think of a list.

Maybe: pollution, clean water for everyone, food for everyone, education, mental health, studies on peace, and so forth. Instead of being paralyzed by guilt over making something happen that we did not make happen, lets put energy and time and resources into doing useful things that we can do.

The sky is not falling Henny Penny.

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