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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Movies

Yesterday we saw 2 movies, one at the theater and one on television. The first was Tina Fey's new movie about journalists and others in Afghanistan. I felt like I experienced the chaos, courage and mess of that place. I'm glad I saw it. The other was an old 1935 black and white movie that starred Maurice Chevalier, Meryl Oberon and others. All those people were born long before me and are likely gone from this planet, but they showed me a peek into their lives 80 years later as I looked into their eyes.

In some ways I felt like a time traveler. I went to Afghanistan over a period of years and felt some of what it was like. I was moved that it was dedicated to Tina's father, Donald Fey, who was a photo journalist. I also realized that I don't have that kind of courage as was portrayed in the film. As I looked at the hopeful, happy faces of 1935 (maybe they were trying to cheer people because the Depression was in full swing), I had a heart grabbing moment when I realized that if any of those faces were still on earth, they would be over 100. At the time of making the movie, I would guess the people thought this was a big, important thing to be in this film.

Again I had the experience within that what we do on earth, stays on earth and either leaves a positive mark, a negative mark or no identifiable mark. Those big deal things, except for a few, are totally gone, whish. I thought of the zillions of people who have walked this earth, and how few end up in any kind of record of what they did

When we leave here, all the big deals and little deals, stay; they belong to earth. What we take is the consciousness we developed while doing all of these things. Did we learn the really important parts of the curriculum here? Are we living as pure unconditional love? Are we filled with joy? Are we forgiving and giving? Are we compassionate? Do the fruits of the Spirit ooze from us?  Who have we become?

My hypothesis is that our job is to live as much of spiritual Truth that we possibly can. We are to forgive ourselves when we falter, repent (turn around), try again and keep refining our consciousness. As a Christian, I hear the call to live a Christlike life. As Thomas a Kempis' book is called, The Imitation of Christ. I might be a poor and humble example of that, yet that is my goal, my target. I strive on.

I sit in Your Holy Presence, aware that You are here. Once again I ask for the courage and strength to walk softly and as You would have me. Lead me to live the most Christlike life that is possible for me to live. Hone my consciousness so that sharp edges are gone and only love comes from me. I know I cannot do it alone, and I know with You, all is well. I rejoice!

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  1. I've read a few of your blogs and enjoyed them. Thank you.