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Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Pause

I took a brief pause because so much is unfolding and moving, and I needed to take a breath.

It seems to me that from time to time in life, that is exactly what we need to do - step back, take a breath and relax- before making big decisions, when in a crisis and it is critical to make the right choice, or when we're just worn down and a bit shaky from it all.

In some ways I've been experiencing all of the above for +2 years now. My pledge to myself has been to not allow the deep valley to change me, not give my core, my peace, my faith to the control of "them."  From so many directions, the onslaught has come. It simply has to be cosmic because unrelated, as far as I can tell, people and events bear down upon us, wave after wave. So many promises of "it" being over come and go with no changes apparent.

But I notice some cracks in my resolve. I am not as patient as I once was. I am more emotional. I am not as optimistic. I am not as patriotic. I am more shaky.

I am still participating in life's projects and giving to others as best I can. Yet, I wonder how long can I hold on under the testing or challenge or whatever it is that is going on. But then, what else can I do? When the earthly powers that be hold you in their cross hairs, what are one's options?

So I sit in the Holiday Inn, doing the best I can. I think of so many with even more to deal with. I think of projects that can  be of big help to others, and that we can do once this is over and our finances and life are set free. I think of going home once again, of unpacking our treasures and organizing my sewing studio. I realize the one thing I can do to get there is to pray. I am One with God, which is more important than having control over the earthly tormentors. So I recall Paul's words, this too shall pass.

I cherish Your Presence in my life, for I know You are with me. I ask for Your Guidance to lead us out of this long valley. You are greater than all of the challenges, all of the earthly powers. Give us the insight to know what to do to become free of these false and bizarre restraints. Lead us to freedom. Lead us home.

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