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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Thought on Love

Richard Rohr says that in order to follow the spiritual path, we HAVE to stay in love. The minute we are angry, resentful, judgmental, etc, that is the moment we step out of the force field of God. We cannot hear guidance, we cannot be useful instruments unless we walk our lives in love each moment, moment after moment.

It has seemed to be for a long time, the first step on the real spiritual path is to clear out the ego and its erroneous points of view. Forgiveness, contemplation of high spiritual truths, prayer, being with enlightened people, reading inspirational books, etc can help us. We can immerse ourselves in the quest. To me, that means not just reading what you already believe, but stretching to consider spiritual greats and their ideas. I LOVE Meister Eckhart, for example, as well as many of the Christian mystics such as Hildegard, Mechtilde, Boehme, and others. One that I studied early on was Thomas Kelly, a Quaker mystic.

"Handbook to Higher Consciousness" by Ken Keyes turned my life around. It helped me move to a level beyond my dramas and my ego. I highly recommend it for cleaning out one's thoughts.

If we are sincere about walking the spiritual path, let us become fit beings who are actually able to walk it, hear guidance, and follow. Let us walk in love/Love.

I step today one more step on the path I have chosen. I began a long time ago, and have walked far. But it is an Infinite Journey into the Great Mystery. Guide my steps, my heart, my soul to be one who walks farther, a closer walk with You. Therefore, wash away from me all that is unloving, and fill me with awareness of Love. Lead me to shine Your Love wherever I am. Let there be Love on earth, and let It and It only flow through me. Thank You Holy Presence.

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