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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Footnote to History

In the messy, strange and creative telling of history, in between the lines, some fact can sometimes be discerned.

I was reading about the Arian controversy, the Council of Nicea, Constantine and formation of creeds. Basically one controversy was whether or not Jesus was created by God and therefore not co-equal with God or was there from the very beginning and so co-equal. The Arians lost the heated verbal battles, and so it was decided Jesus was always and not created by God. One interesting thing, among a mountain of interesting things, around that council was that later in life, Constantine reversed his position and took the side of the Arians, who by then had been thrown out and designated heretics.

For those who don't study history and the ways beliefs were created and incorporated, there is no way to analyze what is genuine what was a control mechanism and therefore not accurate, and usually manipulative. I guess that explains some of the wildly bizarre things people insist must be taken as absolute "TRUTH."

I refer back to my previous post where I discussed the Christ Creed. I stand by that more and more solidly as my study and experience proceed down the path of life. What would happen if we dumped the ideas added by the good ole boys, and just stood firmly on the Christ Creed?  To think of it makes my heart pump rapidly and my hopes rise. What a world it could be.

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