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Thursday, April 6, 2017


In reading Meister Eckhart writings this morning, I came to a statement by him about St. Jerome.
St. Jerome says that a pure wax which is soft and pliable enough to twist into whatever shapes we desire already contains within itself all that can be made from it, even if no one is actually making anything from it at the time.
So many things danced in my mind upon considering this. I thought of the old song - Thou art the potter, I am the clay, mold me and make me after thine way. I thought of Michaelangelo saying that all he did in sculpture was to release the figure in the marble that was already there. I thought about each person's journey here with its unique challenges, pains, sorrows, joys, and hopes - perhaps tailor-made for each individual in order to awaken the depths of spiritual knowing.

I wonder how many who have walked this planet have willingly made themselves pliable so that God's highest will for each could be formed??? It seems to me that many have gone kicking and screaming into the path of awakening to Oneness and larger Truths than can be put into even the most eloquent writing. It seems to me that even more have turned their backs to The Path and have taken the hand of ego instead.

Let's imagine that we are a pure wax which is soft and pliable. We can take on many forms, be shaped and then shaped again. In fact we have at some levels. The girl I once was is only a hint of the adult I became and keep becoming. Yet there is more. That soft wax can be shaped in a more amazing way when we say, and mean what we say - Thy will be done. However, this prayer/statement is such a courageous one that I don't suppose very many have actually reached the point along The Way that it is said with fervor and total commitment.

More often, it appears, those words are not said or are said with no force of pure willingness for it to be so. Thy will be done is a surrender to God that leads us into the most incredible inner and outer journeys, to places within and without that we had not known even existed. That journey is exhilarating, sometimes terrifying, but always fascinating. That journey leads us through passages to ever more Light-filled understanding. It is the prodigal returning Home to the Divine Parent/Creator. We can choose to be soft and pliable to God, or we can stiffen up and walk with ego. I am not always successful, yet I keep on aiming and re-aiming to stay on that Path, The Way.

Beloved, today I say with deep sincerity - Yes, Yes, Yes! Thy Will be done. Help me open fully to You. Lead me on Your Path, knowing wherever You lead me, You are with me and all shall be well.

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