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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Well-- is it a good thing or not?

It surely has been a maybe good, maybe not week. I lost a crown, a bad thing. There was decay under it, so actually it was a good thing. The dentist has a fancy digital camera and a milling machine that made a custom perfect cap for my tooth in less than half and hour, a good thing, an amazing new science thing. My tooth still hurts, a bad thing. Ibuprofen takes away the pain, a good thing.

Then there's Gilbert. He awakened me Thursday night bleeding from intestines. A bad thing. We went to the hospital, which is rated highly, a good thing. They did tests and admitted him. His blood count went down to 8 (should be 13.5-17.5), a bad thing. He kept on bleeding, a bad thing. They gave him meds to prep for a colonoscopy, eww awful stuff, it stopped the bleeding though, good thing! He had the scopings and found the problem, a good thing. His blood went up to 10.2, enough to release him from the hospital, and he's back now, a good thing. What a prayerful time the past 5 days have been, a good thing. So many wonderful people prayed.

We'v e had some strange, often bizarre challenges for a bit over 4 years. So much of our lives seemed to be our own personal ice age. We finally we were able and made an offer on a house that was new and lovely, a good thing. The deluge came in January and it had major water and mud problems - at first glance a bad thing. At second glance, it saved us from buying a problem house, a good thing. So we started looking again.

Two weeks ago we went to an open house after church. It was our dream house. The owners were no longer in this country and wanted to sell it with the contents, beautiful contents --- much of which fit well with our things that have now been in storage over 4 years. It was a miracle thing, Today we made an offer on it - hopefully they will accept and we will move in - a very, very. very good thing.

And today is the birthday of my beautiful, kind, and loving daughter - a good thing through and through.

Things that look bad, may turn out to be good - often depending on our responses. Life can be confusing for sure. I think though that if we can focus on the idea that all will turn out if we listen to our intuition and get the help we need. In the end, it can be good.

I know that we have Invisible Means of Support. As Julian of Norwich once said - all will be well. May it be well for us all and for this beautiful, gorgeous planet and all who live here.

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