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Monday, May 28, 2018


I just read a great analogy. With his tools, an astronomer can see far and wide things that the eye alone cannot see. That makes the astronomer superhuman as far as the eyes are concerned.

That led me to think about Superhuman Spirituality, to the great teachers, mystics, composers, artists, poets, etc. To a non-musician, Mozart surely appears to be superhuman. To a non-artist, Michelangelo certainly appears to be superhuman. To a non-spiritual person, Buddha, Lao Tse, Jesus, Eckhart, Hildegard and others appear to be superhuman.

As a person particularly focused on spirituality, these thoughts send my thoughts to new areas. In order to explore the universes, the astronomer has the telescope, what does the spiritual seeker have to explore the even vaster realm of Spirit?

It seems to me interest, curiosity, an adventurous attitude would be important for being any kind of superhuman. Also, one would need persistence, guidance/apprenticeship, practice, false starts and re-starts, a dose of humor and a sense of pathos. Humility rather than hubris would be helpful on the spiritual path. Also, one needs to discern which kind of spiritual path calls - there are many paths, but one destination. Eventually the goal is Unity, awake in The Ground of All Being, Oneness.

As I have said many times, some of the spiritual practice involves healing one's self, contemplation, meditation, prayer, study of the Great Ones gone before that call to us. At a certain point, the Holy Spirit gives direct counsel. It is important to be careful here. If the ego is still one's operating system, one's own subconscious or the psychic collective unconscious can seem to be giving counsel -which leads one far astray. It takes a certain amount of spiritual maturity to discern which is which. Eventually the false guide falls away. Just as walking the Bardos in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, we must walk some sort of Bardos here while striving to advance to Oneness. Don't be distracted by the distractions, As Paul said - keep your eye on the prize.

My direction and quest have been to awaken spiritually as much as I possibly can while here on earth. I have no idea how far it is possible for me to go, yet I know I must walk The Way for as long as I am here.

My prayer is: Reveal Yourself to me. Here I am Lord. Your Spirit is my Guide, my Friend, my very life. Your Will be done.


  1. Thank you Marlene. Your words are inspiring. I am seeking balance, which requires a great deal of focus on the spiritual.

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