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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Passing IT On

I spend time, and have done so for years, inquiring within as to how I/we can pass on what I/we know spiritually. How can I/we convey our experiences, visions, knowing and time in The Presence? Not about it all, but in a way sort of like contagious, so that others can know deep within too.

I see and hear almost desperate yearning for direct and real spiritual moments, moments so profound that they inform every millisecond of livingness. I hear it and see it in most people. A yearning, a hunger. Not theology, not rules, not pat answers, not on the word of others, but a genuine personal spiritual relationship.

I've read books that spoke to places deep inside and pointed me in the "right" direction. I've known tremendous spiritual people that imparted some of themselves in me. I've prayed, meditated, written, spoken, walked out in faith on spiritual limbs and so much more. I've spoken and taught in many states and nations.

Yet I know there is something more I must do. I know because spirituality is in taters for so many people. They worship politics or sports or money and have an emptiness in their eyes. They argue over fine points of manmade theology rather than moving into knowing.

What can, shall we do? In gentleness, compassion and love perhaps we can and will light a spark.

Divine Presence, You are always with us. You have led us safely through so many twists and turns to show up today. You have saved us countless times. We have laughed and cried together. You are the very breath of life. You call us to share, to pass on what You have instilled in US in such a way that others who are ready can know too. Show us how. How can such a thing be done? In whatever way we can be useful, lead us to play whatever tiny part we can in the desperately needed spiritual awakening on earth.

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