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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Sages, Where Are You?

I'm reading "The Meaning of the Bible" by two scholars, one Orthodox Jewish and one Christian. This morning I came upon a discussion of Wisdom and Sages. Once upon a time Wisdom was sought and Sages were listened to.

Some descriptions include: knows how to address people and circumstances in an effective manner and thus lives a life that today we might call meaningful, gratifying and full; teachable, not arrogant; generous and humble; can diffuse conflict; is not easily irritated; old age brings respect and deference. There is more, but I think this list leads us toward the idea.

So, it seems to me today's culture does not honor, encourage or teach the importance of Wisdom, which leaves us somewhat adrift. Wisdom anchors us. Sages remind us.

Instead we have the superficial. Celebrities make millions telling us what to wear to make us "cool." Social media turns us into very unwise mobs. The "news" consists of talking points provided by the power interests. We are frantic to be entertained, numbed by substances and fleeing from God and all things meaningful.

Sure there are the genuine wise scattered here and there. Only a tiny few listen, and fewer still follow. But then too there are the phony, pseudo wise who are a bit like circus performers putting on a show for the fun and the money of it. They have their followers for a time.

Let's step outside of the mad whirl and assess where we are. Do we sincerely seek Wisdom? Can we identify with the qualities listed above in the second paragraph? Do we seek out people who have such qualities? Do we value Wisdom? Are we willing to take a stand on the side of Wisdom?

Let's  drop anchor in the vast sea of Wisdom.

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