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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


It has been one of my calls and passions to do something to lift the people who are homeless. The title I am considering is The Homeless Project. My thought is to encourage groups to get together and brainstorm, eventually arriving at one or more brilliant ideas. Then we would do a pilot project of each to determine effectiveness and do some adjustments.

Last night I dreamed we were in the process of testing one of the ideas. It began so well. Volunteers entered the program, getting help in whatever ways they needed - health, mental health, addictions, etc and then job skills, jobs, apartments, etc. But I was distraught when I saw paid and volunteer workers not able to be in integrity. They worked against the program in ways that profited them, such as procuring drugs for recovering addicts. It was all so sadly real in my dream.

Integrity evaporated. I awoke with tears in my eyes. I realized integrity was on my mind partially because of our multi-year struggle to get our assets back, with hundreds of empty promises from high up people, and also because of the crazed attack on the President by the left and the vast majority of the press, even now after the Mueller report exonerated him.  Or the false attack by some of the press on the school boys and which then tried to destroy a 16 year old boy. On and on examples tumbled out of my mind.

Where oh where has integrity gone? Where is it to be found? I was brought up that my word is my bond.  How did so many get an opposite value? Anything goes, emotions are better than facts, the end justifies the means they act out. I say No, No, No.

Somehow, if we are to live out our spiritual center, integrity simply has to be back in favor. Accountability has to be encouraged. I don't see how we can actually solve our many problems without integrity and its companion, accountability.

Oh Divine Presence, guide us to live as You would have us live. Keep us close. Encourage the best in us. Lead us to live in integrity and to be accountable for our thoughts, words, and deeds. Inspire us with great ideas to solve problems and help create a better world. Give us a hearty dose of courage and persistence. May Your Will be done.

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