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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Hold Onto Your Seat Belts

I know it sounds strange, maybe even bizarre, for someone who has not yet had the experience, but we are part of All that is. I am certain this is so. In the material mindset, we are just biological units. From the point of view of our egos, we ourselves are of paramount concern in our decisions. But from the point of the All, the More, the Divine, we are expressions of the Divine, as are all others. Anything antithetical to you is to me also. "Do unto others... Or refrain from doing anything harmful."

At the beginning of awakening we have connecting experiences. Maybe it begins in a state of awe as we are moved by a sunset or a redwood forest or the birth of a child. We may find ourselves resonating with compassion for someone, surprising ourselves. We may have tears in our eyes over a special moment.

We may begin to meditate and touch more and more deeply something opening within. We may begin to talk with others about it, read some spiritually oriented books, go to some retreats, etc.

For many of us, it is rather like remembering. We knew it before and forgot, it seems, because it doesn't feel foreign to us. All those experiences have led us gently to remember that we are interconnected, not separate, in this life school to learn love.

Then the Light comes. We are fed truth by Spirit Itself. We fill with knowing not from books, directly, clearly, and we will never be the same.

This is a peek at our journey of awakening. God bless you on this amazing journey.

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