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Friday, June 5, 2020


The other day I read an example of perspective that I've been mulling over.
Imagine you can take a picture of the sun from your yard, and from the space station and also from deep space. Each of the pictures would be of the same sun, but each would give you a different perspective and so different ways of understanding the sun and it's relationships. There is our sun, the center of our orbit; our sun the center of our solar system; our sun one of billions of stars, etc.
We might view our lives similarly. Within this life we are the center of our life story. We tend to view others as participants in our own story. As we expand a bit, we notice the interdependence of us all. Eventually, we come to realize we are on an infinite soul journey that has meaning far beyond the borders of this particular life. Our ego/skin borders are temporary. There is something divine in it all. A higher consciousness beckons.

Our readiness to step fully in the spiritual quest has arrived.

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