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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Freedom - Liberation

What does living out of freedom mean, look like, feel like? 

Most of us are protecting ideologies, egos, image, status quo, programming, family stories and on and on. It is exhausting.

One of my aha moments came from Ram Dass's book, Be Here Now. It was long ago. We were vacationing at Lake Tahoe. My husband and children were trout fishing. I was lounging and reading the book. A flash of a moment burst in with such clarity that it shook me. If we are not present each moment, just as it is, we are missing our lives. Be where? Here. When? Now. These became my mantra until it was actually my experience, most of the time at least.

Later I studied Aikido, which focuses on now, now, now. The attackers are not coming all at once, but this one, this one, this one. Then est taught me also about successive moments of now.

What did this add up to as far as my life experience?  By being fully here now, it is easier to keep my balance, harder for events to throw me. It makes me resilient. I have nothing to defend, protect or hide. Life flows, I observe, I respond, I continue on. 

Without this life has to be changed and structured according to our beliefs or we're not happy. We manipulate. We react. We get stuck. The opposite of be here now happens in our experience.

By being able to keep my balance, be resilient, by observing, responding and continuing on, I am liberated and free, and  I simply continue on my journey.

I was led to share this today with you. I hope you will take it into your heart. God bless you.

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