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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Divine Possibilities

There are many slogans falling off the lips of religious and psychological folks. You can have it all. If you can think it, you can have it. You deserve it. Go for it. etc etc etc.

But there is a higher duty or responsibility or stewardship placed upon us. Some are so deeply mired in the trivial or the ugly, the call to More is severely muted, but there are enough who hear, at least softly, the call of More that there is hope for our future. The question arises - shall we evolve or devolve as a people, as a planet?

Imagine with me that there are, let's say, sort of levels of being human, a sort of continuum of consciousness. At one end we might place Lao Tse, Buddha, Jesus and others. At the other end we might place Caligula, Hitler, Stalin and others. We most likely are at some point between the extremes.

The call issuing constantly is toward the higher end of the continuum, while there is also a tug toward the lower. I believe that we are responsible for ourselves, for how we use the gift of this life and for answering the higher call. I believe we are here as stewards plus are to open spiritually. We have purpose.

We can take on the higher ways, Be the higher ways, and lift ourselves and others. We can take to heart the Way of Jesus and other great Teachers and actually walk it, or we can lazily just keep on as we've always done. Choosing actively and consciously to walk the Way, takes work, inner healing, the cleansing action of forgiveness, humility, fortitude and sincerity. It leads to a far different us and far different everything.

The core of much of religion is a version of the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do to you; refrain from doing to others what you hate being done to you, etc.

If we genuinely take the Golden Rule step, everything changes. As we reach up to the Higher, the Higher reaches to us. We are connected. Once connected, absolutely all things are seen anew and we step onto the amazing path of Spirit. It's a new way. It synchronizes us with one another and with The More. It's what's calling us, and has been calling every moment of every day.

Yes, I come to 2021 eager to answer the call. Guide and strengthen me to live a Golden Rule life this year. As I evolve toward You, I participate in the lifting of others. We move away from the darkness toward Your Light. I feel our connection right now. Thank You, Divine Presence for never giving up on me.

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