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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sanskrit and Jesus

I was thinking this morning about Jesus living only 4 kilometers from the capital of Galilee and all of the exciting travelers passing through there + his dad being a builder would have gone there for work + he would have been exposed to all kinds of thought. I remember the first time I read the Bhagavad  Gita. It seemed to me that Jesus had quoted some of it, or at least some of the ideas in it.

Then I was reading a bit about the Sanskrit word yesterday - satchitananda. Briefly in a simplified overview, Sat is the all pervading Reality. Chit is the knowing, the perceiving. Ananda is the blissful. All lead to being consciously united in God/Brahman.

I suddenly saw all kinds of examples of satchitananda in the New Testament. Flashing in my consciousness were a flood of thoughts - Our Father who art in heaven - the kingdom of heaven is within (Sat) - eyes to see and ears to hear (Chit) - love one another, forgive (Ananda) - all leading to oneness. Many more came to mind in a flash of understanding.

The idea is pointing to the experience of God, of Oneness. How can I explain to you the taste and smell of a certain food you have not seen, smelled or tasted? I can tell you God is here, and you can acknowledge it might be so, but you have to have the knowing, the experience, to truly understand, and that leads to a special inner peace or bliss. Then you can personally experience the glorious knowing in every fiber of your being that God is here, you are a living part of God, all is part of God, all is sacred.

I wish this for you. So it is, Amen.

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