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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Clues From Jesus

The injunction that Jesus gave in regard to prayer is unquestionably the method that he found so effective and that he himself used. How many times we are told that he withdrew to the mountain for his quiet period, for communion with the Father, that the realisation of his oneness with God might be preserved intact. In this continual realisation—I and my Father are one—lay his unusual insight and power. And his distinct statement which he made in speaking of his own powers—as I am ye shall be—shows clearly the possibilities of human unfoldment and attainment, since he realised and lived and then revealed the way. --- Ralph Waldo Trine

Such a powerful understanding is shared in this quote. I have often thought such and written about it. Jesus left us clues of how we are to live, if we sincerely wish to follow The Way.

Here is a powerful nutshell. Go apart, be still, commune with God, remember God is always present, live that oneness, let possibilities unfold, give God the credit.

Do this and watch the amazing unfold in and through your life.

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