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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Why Is So Much Out of Whack?

Nona Brooks, in her wonderful little book, "Mysteries," offered this on that subject: 

The Father did not force the prodigal to return, but he loved him all of the time he was away. There is no ruling power that forces us into realization of our heritage. We may wander far and suffer many tribulations before we decide to return to a right attitude—one that will put us in harmony with good. Divine love is always sharing its warmth, glory and beauty. It impels the individual to do better things, but it does not compel us to live to our highest. We are free agents in so far as our power of choice to realize the good that is always ours is concerned. We cannot as individuals by using our personal wills change the truth of what we are in God. Children of God can not change their nature, because it is divine. We can, however, neglect to cooperate with divine activity and thereby retard our own progress.

I think the demise of transformational religions and spiritual practices have left many adrift in the earth experience. The attempt to replace communion with the Divine with all manner of secular things tends to make life shallow and frightening. No worship at the altar of sports or consumerism can give us peace or help us overcome addictions or calm our restless minds. Many seek amiss.

But then, no wonder. Where are the spiritual teachers that teach spiritual practices that lead to awakening us to who we really are and what it is we are doing here?  For that matter, where are those that have communed with the Divine themselves and so can authentically lead us? Far too many are into the letter of the law and not the Spirit of it all. Many just pretend, taking on the hollow role of acting the part.

You can memorize all the rules and holy writings you want, but are you genuinely in tune with The More? Are you a light to those around you, exuding rays of love; are you forgiving, kind and compassionate? You can jump through all of the hoops your group requires, but be no closer to God. 

Without a true spiritual connection, it is my experience that people feel lost, a bit empty and seek in all the wrong places. It's really no wonder. One who Knows is hard to find. Of course, we can read the words of those that Knew. They are strewn across history. We can gather small groups to delve into the writings together. 

We must be proactive, if we really and truly want to know who we are and to connect our lives with the living Presence of the More, of the Divine, of God. "Seek and you will find, knock and the door will open."  

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