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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Dual Citizenship

We live in two worlds. Not everyone is aware of this, and so take the one as the entirety of life.

  • The world of time has a seeming beginning and a seeming end. Stuck in the worldview of time only leads one to think everything goes, this is it, get it now. It tends toward belief in violent gods who destroy life in the end, and who require blood offerings. All in time ends, one way or the other.
  • The worldview of the Eternal Now leads to sensing a flow, a connection with all, a unity, yet a focus in this moment and then this moment on and on. The God of Now is not a destroyer but rather an Eternal ongoingness.  Furthermore, we are in the flow of this eternal ongoingness. We are part of it and its limitless nature, even if we are consciously unaware.

We live in both worlds, at least while on earth, but our lives are quite different if we are unaware of the Eternal Now. Historically, avatars, mystics, accidental mystics and saints are the main inhabitants of this second world. These days, we have access to their writings, to classes on meditation, to spiritual advisors, and if we want to grow spiritually, and are ready, we actually can. There are countless encouragements available.

We may straddle the divide of time and eternity, yet we can do so with open hearts and minds, letting go of the violent time-gods who lay in wait to end our lives and want our sacrifice. We can live in the ongoingness of the Eternal Now. We are safe. Life continues.

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