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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Slander of God

I'm reading Augustine's "City of God," which is astounding in many ways. Right now, I just want to note one idea.

What he says is that when a leading person is slandered, there are all sorts of repercussions. Why not "when the gods are objects of so wicked and outrageous an injustice?"

Why not? Why do people disparage God by loudly saying the opposite of who/what God is? 

God is unconditional love, agape love. In perfect, unconditional love there is no hate, no violence, no ugliness. Yet, some continue to accuse God of being violent to those of any group called "other" by the accusers. They puff themselves up by calling themselves part of the "in" group, and warn of horrible things to come for those not in that particular group and not followers of their particular point of view. They make God in their narrow, egotist view, full of human error and emotional problems.

Let us take charge of ourselves and move to be more and more like that unconditional love. Let us move to know the actual God of all. Let us heal our spiritual wounds, and let us move forward together.

May it be so.

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