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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Making A Different Choice

This morning I awoke with thoughts about how life might have been if I had done things differently, made different choices, moved to different places, and on an on. I have come to understand that most people have moments like that too.

The "answer" that came to me follows.

Life is in many ways a school for the soul, tailormade to assist the spiritual core of each person to develop, awaken and rise up to be all it can be. Around each bend in the path is another special lesson, just what is needed.

So, even with a different choice, the lesson would be there clothed differently, but the same in essence. The locale could have been different, the characters in the story could have different names and faces, but the basic story would be the same or very similar. We are to learn what we need to learn. Just as in 10th grade we are to study world history, there are certain requirements for us who have come to earth. We have some similarites in our lessons, as we are all asked to learn how to love. And we have some unique lessons for each of us. We can observe the patterns of our life's lessons and begin to discern what it is that we are to learn and master while here.

We are to make the highest decisions that we possibly can, coming from a place of gratitude for the gift of this life and for the opportunity to be here on earth and develop spiritually. As we do, we refine our journey and eventually can awaken to spiritual realms and the true mystical nature of all that is.

If we make sloppy, lazy, out of tune decisions, our bends in the path become more frequent and the lessons harsher. We become tone deaf to the celestial music and blind to the obvious guidance shouting at us. It is harder for the spiritual core to respond because the shell becomes hardened by the lack of respect for what this life journey truly is

We do not have to be perfect. Just do our best. Be sincere. Be grateful. Shine our lights to the best of our abilities. From this position, we do receive the music and the guidance.

When we finally leave here, we can graduate. We can say "Yes, I did what I came to earth to do, and I learned how to LOVE, unconditionall Love."

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