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Thursday, August 21, 2014


It occurred to me this morning, as I listened to the news "out of the corner of my ear," that there are a great number of people NOT learning how to love unconditionally and NOT fulfilling their divine purpose for coming to earth. Sadly, they will have to say "No" when faced with the final questions upon leaving behind this life.

It appears to me that increasing numbers of people are wandering around earth with no thinking skills developed. They simply respond to situations as they are told to respond, absolving themselves of responsibility because, after all some "important" person told them to act in such a way.

We watched a PBS show this week that explored the mentality of pre-WWII Japanese. Men still living reported that they would do anything for the Emperor - kill, rape, torture or whatever was asked or implied. Today Islamic terrorists are beheading, raping, killing and torturing in the manner of the 7th century because someone has riled them up and told them it is god's will. People are marching in streets, burning and stealing, pillaging as if they were Roman soldiers of 2,000 years ago, all because someone told them partial stories and turned them loose, vindicated to destroy because "leaders" told them it was acceptable. I am sure I don't need to go on. There are hundreds of examples right this very minute.

There is a missing component. Critical thinking skills are absent. Logic is non-existent. Let's say we agree that God is Love - and so, we as His/Her children are to be as loving as we possibly can. But someone tells us that it is loving to destroy people who don't agree with our beliefs, and we just say, "oh, okay, let's kill." A thinking person might say instead, "Wait a minute. If God is Love and wants us to love too, in what way could this actually be called love? Maybe this person is mistaken or even has ulterior motives."

So often, what people in mass are led to do has nothing whatsoever to do with Truth. It usually has to do with the leaders' power struggle, control dramas, greed, lust, distorted understanding or some such.

In order for us to be able to "graduate" earth, we somehow, someway have to find a way to THINK and act in accordance with High Spiritual Truths and turn away from the emotions incited by people who want to control us to their ends.

Lord, I am here before You this day asking for Guidance and Wisdom. Teach me to think clearly and understand in the way You would have me understand. Set me free from the forces of darkness and lead me into Your Light.

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