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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Paying It Back - Gratitude

This week the prayer on my website is about gratitude for the gift of life and all that includes. I am thinking a lot about gratitude today, triggered partially by the quote from Matthew Fox's book, "Creativity" that I read early this morning and put on my website a few minutes ago.

We have come to realize that all this glory of which we are a part - time and space, light and dark, creation and its fourteen-billion-year history, earth and its wonders, nature and its magnificent imagination and artistry, our own species and its accomplishments for good and ill, our families, our loved ones, and lovers - is a gift. A gift implies a Gift-giver.
--- Matthew Fox, "Creativity"

However, I was thinking about this yesterday too in that I was thinking about how grateful I am for friendship that steps up and truly offers help. I was thinking about the safety net of friendship that overrides the throes of attacks from the powers that be. And I was thinking about others who may not have friends such as ours and so have no net when the valleys of life overtake.

Once we get to the other side of our current challenge, we want to do meaningful and helpful things for others. One that I am working on clarifying is how to help others caught in a strange valley without seemingly much help. I ask myself: how do I find those who have no net and are trying so hard to get out; how do I help them without offending them; can I set up a grant program; what God could I do to repay what our friend has done for us by doing so for others?

Oh how grateful I am. How blessed I am. Lead me to be an avenue of blessing to others. Inspire in me ideas that make a difference. Lead me to find the way to pay back what has been given to us by helping others.

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