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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Another Thought On Valleys

As I awoke this morning, thoughts whirled in my mind. I saw how at my birth, I still knew who I was and where I came from. I saw a toddler still in tune. Then I saw a deluge of abuse. I saw the hiding blanket of shyness. I saw the valleys I walked. I saw my relative clarity in my "golden years."

A flash through my mind brought a new idea. The valleys were a kind of electric shock to wake me up, bring me to myself as well as burn off ego. They were the Zen Master shouting "WAKE UP!" They were actions to move me on through and out of the valleys and take with me the teachings they engendered.

It is urgently calling -- we need awakened beings on this planet NOW.

Open my eyes, Lord, to know You fully and lay down all the dross that has barnacled itself to me. My Soul rejoices in You.

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