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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our Nature/s

A new thought for me revolves around a well-known fact - when the gases hydrogen and oxygen come together, they form H2O, water which is entirely different than gases, a new thing. 

Well, that's not the new thought, as you have guessed. The new thought is  - what happens to the original 2 gases, do they still exist or have they become a new thing and no longer are also their old thing?

Then my mind moved to spiritual awakening. This person called "Marlene" who has been walking an inordinate number of valleys and having the ego burned off in the process, walks to Oneness. So this me made new, is now something else than before the experience of Oneness. Who I once was has transformed into the current me who knows that God and I are One. Is the previous me still there too?

The reborn idea seems to me to be part of this. I once was this, but now I've awakened to other, in a sense reborn as something that I've not been before. So, I become as a little child as the new me, and grow and embody, and then is there another such event down the path? Is this spiralling path and pattern of becoming new an eternal adventure? On and on I journey to Oneness, yet never quite able to get there, for that would imply I could become God. The best I know of is to have the Cosmic Christ, the Seed of God, Wisdom - alert and active in me, to be a place where Light shines.

Am I the eternal caterpillar becoming a butterfly? Where is the caterpillar after the butterfly emerges? The original caterpillar dissolved into liquid before reforming into the butterfly. Is something in me dissolving so that the newness can be set free? Is it the ego that dissolves? 

I need to think on these things. Please join me.

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