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Monday, October 31, 2016

Cosmic Christ

My beloved friend of many, many years, Pat, gave me Matthew Fox's new book, coauthored with Episcopal Bishop Marc Andrus. It is entitled "Stations of the Cosmic Christ." The book is quite wonderful. I've only read the first 39 pages so far, but I have to share a bit of my thinking.

First, many of the things written mirror my own conclusions from years on the quest, the study of various religions, mystics and my interest in new physics. Some of the ideas in the book contribute a leap of thought that is exciting.

I will write more about the book in a day or two. I want to begin with contemplation on a quote from Einstein that is on page 23. It is regarding humanity.

Now moving into the third phase of religious experience: cosmic religion. With his growing knowledge of the vastness of the universe and its trillions of stars, each one many times larger than our planet, stars whose light takes hundreds of years to reach our eyes, man must consider it an insult when he is told that his conduct should be motivated by fear of punishment or hope of reward. And it is just as much an insult to the God who created all these marvels, to be lowered to human level. The true religious genius has always been endowed with this sense of cosmic religion... This oneness of creation, to my sense, is God. This concept of God will unite all nations... A new age of peace will be inaugurated when all people profess a cosmic religion, when the youth have become laymen with scientific minds.

Let's mull over these profound thoughts for a bit.

I'll get back to you.

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