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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

P.S re: non-attachment

On the road to non-attachment, there is loss. Loss requires grieving.

I have experienced a huge pile/piles of loss along the route of this life, and consequently spent some considerable time grieving.

In my imperfect state of non-attachment where I currently reside, there are moments of loss, remembering loss, and the wrenching pain of grief.

There is current loss, sometimes seemingly insurmountable. There is the lingering sorrow over the loss of my violin that sometimes peeks at me as well as other fleeting memories that haunt me from time to time. There are losses I define as big - loss of family, etc.

The state of non-attachment spoken of by spiritual greats, is probably not completely attainable in this life. Yet to realize that the energy focused on lost violins is energy not focused on God and thereby a distraction of life purpose, helps me to move through the grief more quickly and to let it, whatever the it is, go. The letting go takes multiple expressions depending on the degree of attachent. The joy I had in playing "Red River Valley" and other songs, coupled with the sense of betrayal, the powerlessness over any hope of recovering my beloved violin, create a complex situation that have made the release more difficult than otherwise might be so. Not to state this is a constant thing, but it does pop up from time to time and require working through once again.

Just in case you are getting ready to send me a violin, that's not it. The moment has passed, etched as a dip in my route. I cannot be in 3rd grade again and re-do it. There is no rewind on earth, except with television movies perhaps. It was a complex moment that I have not totally resolved. I only bring it up by way of example of how imperfect I am on the way to full non-attachment.

There are other, larger losses that haunt me of course. Some I come to peace over and they fade away, some reappear in my consciousness from time to time and require further work. I realize this releasing, this letting go and letting God, this trusting that all works together for good - this non-attachment process - it is imperative for my spiritual growth. Without it, every loss in my life lives on in me to stand between me and residing in God.

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